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A brief overview of the World Wide Web and terms used here is presented in Web Client-Server Architecture Overview

This page describes how to improve your experience at our website.

Browser Help

All current browsers have many features that make user-friendly, developer-friendly, server-friendly. However, all these features add complexity to the browser. Here are some tips and references to understand how to "tune" your browser for your particular taste.

The obvious question then is: "what is the BEST browser?". This site is best viewed using Firefox with javascript enabled.

Based on interactions with your browser, you are using:

CCBot/2.0 (

Dahetral Website Information

Server Information Layout

Server Keyboard Shortcuts

In addition to browser keyboard shortcuts, additional keys can be used to more quickly navigate around the website. These keys are consistent with the Web Content Access Guidelines proposed by the World Wide Web Consortium. For your browser the key combinations are:

  • 1 — Home Page
  • 2 — Skip to content
  • 3 — Site Map
  • 4 — Search field focus
  • 5 — Advanced Search
  • 6 — Site navigation tree
  • 9 — Contact information
  • 0 — Access Key details


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